STEM week

We had a superb STEM week in the Penguins class.

We focused our learning on wonky veg. Lots of vegetables that don’t look perfect are thrown in the bin and not sold in the supermarkets.

In year 2 we thought this was a waste, so we bought some wonky veg boxes to make some lovely food! In our week we also visited Jimmy’s Farm to see how vegetables were grown and Farm to Fork from Tesco visited us.

The children worked very hard and learnt lots about the importance of not wasting food, how vegetables are grown and how to cook a lovely vegetable chilli.

Mr Fleckney



An experiment into hygiene

Iris and Emma have written the class blog… Check it out!!

Today in science we discovered that germs can spread from person to person.😀You can get rid of germs by washing your hands well with soap and water 💦.

By Iris and Emma

What do humans and animals need to survive?

We have had a great afternoon in the Penguin class. We have been learning what the basic needs of humans and animals are.

I began by asking the children what they believed were the basic needs of animals and humans. Have a look at the classes superb ideas below!

Then we found out the 5 basic needs were water, food, shelter, air and sleep. We discussed how these 5 essential things helped us to survive! I was so impressed by the questions and discussion we had.

The class then created a poster explaining this, have a look at some of them below.

Top work Penguins! 🐧

Mr.Fleckney 🤓 and Mrs Wells 👩🏻

The Sahara Desert and Antarctica

As part of our weather topic we compared and contrasted The Sahara Desert  🐫 and Antartica 🐧. We discussed the weather in each of these places. Antartica is very cold and the Sahara Desert is really hot.

We found out that both of these places are classed as a Desert. This is because very little rain falls from the sky in both places!


The children then created a table to compare and contrast these two places!

Top work Penguins! 🤓






Story maps


It was so quiet I could hear a pin drop in the Penguin class this morning. 🤓

We have been learning the story of Little Red Riding Hood in our English lessons and yesterday we got a chance to create our own character. We had some fantastic ideas here are some below.

Keira created The Big Greedy wolf

Libby created Little Pink Riding Hood

Noah created Little Green Riding Hood

Alex created The Big Friendly Wolf.

The children were working so hard to write a new story with the new character in. I can’t wait to read them!





We had lots of fun in PE this afternoon. We were using the apparatus to show high and low movements.

Then we put these movements into sequences and tried to add a balance. I was really impressed to see how hard the Penguins worked and how imaginative they were.